Finding fresh ideas for charity fundraising can be stressful!

Silver Spoon Society can offer a glamorous vintage tea party package which will enable you to raise money and involve your volunteers with minimum effort and maximum fun!

You find the location, set the price and sell tickets to your guests. 

We will transform your location with our charming vintage tea theme and provide a full tea party menu for your guests.

Your team of volunteers can help us to serve, keeping staff costs down which allows you to raise more money.

Silver Spoon Society packages are totally flexible to your desires, if you wish to add extras to the party such as ballots, musicians or dinner speeches please feel free, it’s your party!

We can recommend and organise extra attractions;  vintage photo shoot, vintage jazz singer. 

You could consider having a themed party and encourage people to dress in a 50's style. 

Costs depend on number of guests and what you want us to include.

For a perfectly tailored price, give us a shout!