Our Story

The tea parties began many years ago in the corner of my childhood bedroom where the only guests we a few teddies and the scones were solid and unappreciated but the basic desire to create and serve was there and eventually became the corner stone of Silver Spoon Society. 

After giving up my full time job as an Art & Design teacher I searched for a job idea which would be more flexible and allow me to enjoy spending more time with my kids. After spending a tough afternoon drinking tea and eating buns at the Culloden Hotel with a great friend, we put down on paper all the things that I was good at and that I loved.

That list with it's tea stains led to the idea for a vintage events company. An opportunity to make tasty quality food, put insane amounts of time into attention to detail, create beautiful party spaces and facilitate fun activities.

Now I am regularly joined by Lauren, a mum with a young family herself. Lauren is a creative genius with a passion for cooking and great vintage flair. 

I hope you will have an opportunity to enjoy being thoroughly spolied by Silver Spoon Society and I promise, the scones are now light, fluffy and very much appreciated!

Jenny Simon xx